Dubai Industrial City

Dubai Industrial City is the resourceful city made to accommodate the growing number of Dubai’s manufacturing facilities. Covering an area of 560 million square feet this self-sustained city is designed to cater to its tenant’s residential necessities and strives to provide all the necessary support that will range from service to facilities to ensure that resident industries can operate at optimal capacity and be able to meet future expansion.

Dubai Industrial City is envisioned to become a leading destination for the manufacturing companies in UAE. Dubai Industrial City is a member of TECOM Investments and is the third largest non-real estate project of Dubai. The city provides a cost effective and efficient business environment together with a numerous industries supplying products and facilities.

When completed, Dubai Industrial City will include food and beverage zones, base metal and transportation zones, warehouses, logistics, educational and mixed use developments. The development will be located near Al Maktoum International Airport along Emirates Road. Dubai Industrial City will encompass 6 zones in total and they will be as follows:-

  • Zone 1 Food and Beverage
  • Zone 2 Transport Equipment and Parts
  • Zone 3 Machinery and Equipment
  • Zone 4 Mineral Products
  • Zone 5 Base Metal
  • Zone 6 Chemicals

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