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There are two types of property available in Dubai; off-plan and ready properties. Both offer great opportunities for investors and end users, depending on individual requirements and budgets. At Unique Properties, we act as consultants to help people make decisions that are in their best interest.



Ready Properties 


Brand new properties & you can choose your unit 

Available to view

High capital appreciation 

Ready to move into 

Flexible payment plans 

Immediate rental yields 


Construction period 

Renovation may be needed 

Changes in the market 

Prices are generally higher 

Regular payments 

Moderate capital appreciation

  • Research and choose your preferred area, community, and type of property. 
  • Decide on your budget and set a maximum price for the right property.  
  • Conduct research to find projects which intrigue you.
  • Contact a reputable Dubai based real estate agency and provide them with your precise investment requirements and budget
  • If you are in Dubai or are able to visit, it is recommended that you visit the developers’ sales offices and show homes (if available) with your appointed agent to get a feel for the layouts and quality of finishing
  • If you are not in Dubai, your agent will keep you informed about upcoming off-plan launches and new releases. Usually, the best units sell out quickly during launch periods, so you should be prepared to act quickly when a new project becomes available on the market.
  • Once you've decided on a property type and unit, and are satisfied with the layout and orientation, it's a good idea to review the pricing and payment plan to make sure it meets your expectations.
  • Reserve your property - To reserve the property you will need to sign a booking form and pay a booking fee to book the unit.
  • First installment - After you complete the booking process, you will be required to complete your first installment (down payment) and pay the Dubai Land Department registration fees
  • Signing the SPA – The developer will send you the Sales & Purchase Agreement to obtain your signature. After signing you will receive, a dually signed copy from the developer’s authorized signatory.
  • Oqood registration – This is highly important to ensure your purchase is registered with the relevant government authorities. Upon completion of registration, you will receive your initial contract of sale issued by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) which is called Oqood.
  • Settlement of payments – In line with the agreed payment plan, you will be obliged to pay the installments before you become eligible for the handover of your property.
  • Project completion – Once the project is completed, the developer will give handover to you and a full title deed will be issued in your name

  • Research areas and choose your preferred area, community, and type of property. 
  • Decide on your budget and set a maximum price for the right property.  
  • If you require a mortgage to complete the purchase, you will need to apply for a mortgage or appoint a mortgage broker to obtain the required home finance. It is advisable that you get mortgage approval in place before looking at a property to avoid disappointment. 
  • Arrange viewings to look at suitable properties that meet your specific expectations  
  • If you are happy with a property and wish to proceed with the purchase, you would need to discuss the price with your agent and he/she will communicate your offer to the seller. Your agent will have access to market insights to see what similar properties recently sold for and will be able to guide and advise you on a suitable offer (asking price) in line with actual market values comparing supply and demand and average prices per square foot.  
  • If the seller agrees to your financial offer, your agent will draw up an MOU and you will be required to pay a deposit to reserve the property.  
  • If the seller, in the final stage, accepts your offer before obtaining your property, a digital contract - Form F needs to be signed to secure the sale with RERA and Dubai Land Department.
  • You will need to contact your bank/mortgage provider to request a property valuation to process your mortgage.
  • Once your Final Offer is available, a NOC from the developer needs to be obtained to allow the transfer of ownership.

Before you start looking for the ideal home for your investment or lifestyle goals, we urge you to ask yourself the following questions  

  • What is my budget for the property? 
  • Am I a cash buyer or will I require a mortgage? 
  • What is my main reason for purchasing a property? Investment or end use 
  • What kind of property am I interested in? Off-plan or ready? 
  • What type of property am I looking for? An apartment, a townhouse, a villa, or a penthouse? 
  • What is the most important factor for me? The location, the view, amenities, size, ROI, capital appreciation? 

Yes, Life insurance is mandatory for any mortgage in the UAE. In most cases, the bank lending you the funds for your property purchase will require that you take their in-house life insurance policy to get the mortgage. This cost is usually built into your monthly mortgage fees.

Community fees/service charges in Dubai are recurring fees that homeowners pay for the maintenance and upkeep of residential buildings or communities. They cover different property management aspects such as maintenance, cleaning, security staff, landscaping, and general upkeep of the area/building and are split between owners based on the size of their property. Whether it is a villa, townhouse or apartment, service charges in Dubai apply to all types of properties in the city. 

UAE residents and non-residents can obtain mortgages for off-plan property in Dubai. Like with any mortgage, there are qualifying conditions that need to be met, but these are relatively straightforward and similar to what would be required for a resale property. Typically, investors buying off-plan would be advised to request approval for a mortgage a few months before the completion of the property.

Dubai’s story over the years has been one of resilience and progress. This is a city built on bold ambition and strong values. Dubai’s stride towards progress is all the more remarkable given the challenges it has faced in the recent past. From overcoming the 2008 financial crisis to cushioning the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, the city’s growth trajectory has only been onwards and upwards. What started as a low-tax sunshine state has gradually transformed into a world-leading lifestyle destination and a family-friendly address with world-class educational institutions, unrivaled healthcare facilities, and hyper-modern infrastructure.

Dubai celebrates life. The emirate’s rich history and glistening future invite everyone to experience the myriad of exciting opportunities on offer. The recent advances in visa laws have made it even easier for people to come and experience first-hand what the city is all about. In short, life is truly better in Dubai.

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