Conveyancing Services

Conveyancing Services

We offer you professional conveyancing services to ensure an efficient and enjoyable process. From the moment you purchase a property with Unique Properties, our experienced team of conveyancing specialists will take care of everything required for a smooth and hassle-free completion.

Our services go way beyond conveyancing to help you not only now, but in the future to meet all your individual needs and requirements.

  1. Conveyancing: Cash & mortgage sales transactions
  2. Power of Attorney: If you would like us to represent you during the buying or selling process, we can act as your official registered Power of Attorney (POA) and handle all required documentation and sign all required documents on your behalf. Regardless of whether you reside in the UAE or abroad, we can arrange an online POA video call to set up the Power of Attorney. We can also prepare the POA and act as the POA holder
  3. Gifting a property: If you own a property outright without any home finance or mortgage attached and wish to gift or transfer it to a family member, we can assist you with this. Unique Properties can handle the registration and documentation process.
    • Liaison with the trustee’s office
    • Applying for NOCs
    • Obtaining birth & marriage certificates
    • Attestation of documents
    • Transfer of ownership & title deeds
  4. Inheritance services:
    • Provide a detailed review of your particular circumstances, discuss the options available to you and draft a comprehensive and realistic plan of action
    • Provide advice on the rules governing succession or inheritance rights under the Islamic Sharia law, Inheritance law, wills and/or any other laws, rules of law, codes, public orders, customs or practices applicable in Dubai
    • Make initial inquiries, apply for and open the succession case at the Dubai Courts
    • Advice on the required documentation including assistance with the attestations and translations of Power of Attorneys, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, grant of probates, wills, testaments etc.
    • Submit all required documentation and correspondence as part of your case
    • Full Power of Attorney representation at the legal and/or judicial proceedings, hearings, pleadings, court cases, judgments, inquiries, contests, indictments, appeals, trials and/or tribunals with regard to your property interests
    • Complete all paperwork and represent your interests with the developer/Dubai Land Department/Dubai Courts
    • Regular follow-ups and updates on the status of your case until the final decision is made/court order received
    • Execute, enforce and/or carry out any decisions, judgments, court orders or rulings made by the Dubai Courts
  5. Additional services: Additional services available we offer include:
    • Escrow Account service
    • Updating a Title Deed, and contact details
    • Obtaining a lost Title Deed, and contact details
    • Apply for an affection plan for land, apartment or villa
    • Replacement of lost SPA
    • VIP service - The trustee officer can visit you to receive your signature
    • Ejari registration
    • Dewa registration as a new owner

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