What to expect or not to expect from a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

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What to expect or not to expect from a Real Estate Agent in Dubai

In todays’ real estate market we strongly believe that there is an equal responsibility on both the agents and customers at the same time, so it’s important to acknowledge and understand the role of each during the process in order to avoid any confusion in the near future. The agents role is to act as intermediary party between buyer & seller offering his client the best deal according to his/her requirements, whereas the customer must do his due diligence on the agent and ensure he/she is dealing with the right party when it comes to market knowledge, company reputation and track record.

The real estate agent is an authorized broker by Real Estate Regulatory Agency, holding a valid RERA ID card and an intermediary party between yourself and the developer, who have a wide spectrum of options available based on your requirements. Below we will highlight the most important duties of a real estate agent, what to expect and what not to expect. Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a landlord or a tenant and upon deciding which agent is suitable to serve your needs, you will expect the agent to give you an inside of the market based on undeniable facts and narrow down your options.

To expand a little on the above let’s start with being a buyer or landlord where you can expect the agent requesting documents to verify the ownership, prepare documents and advertise your property, ensure quality pictures of all marketing portals, communicate and negotiate offers from buyer or tenant and all the way to preparing documents to finalize the transaction.

As a buyer or a tenant, you should expect from your agent to provide you with a list of properties suitable to your needs and cash flow available, provide access to see the properties, negotiate offers on your behalf, prepare documents to finalize the transaction and handover the keys. Guidance throughout all the process is definitely something applicable to all categories of client and expected from all agents.

Another very important points to mention is full disclosure and transparency regarding the properties you are being offered or visiting; this is something we truly believe and teach our agents at Unique Properties. Every agent in Dubai real estate market must be able to understand your needs based on a set of questions after-which only we can provide unbiased advice. Quick response and punctuality is also something you need to expect.

In short, here are the main 7 reasons why you should consider working with a real estate agent:

  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Will save you time and money
  • Professional Network
  • Wide spectrum of options based on your requirements
  • Understand your need & provide unbiased advice
  • Negotiate offers & get you best deal
  • Help you with the paperwork


The list for what not to expect from your agent is not that long, however we want to mention the major important points which are mostly expected after the transaction has been finalized. The agents won’t be able to provide assistance in maintenance issues, service charges matter, disputes with any parties regarding the property, delays in construction (if purchased off-plan) not because of unwillingness to help but because the agent does not have control over any parties after the transaction has been successfully completed. Lastly if you rented your property the agent cannot assist with cleaning the property or connection of utilities or EJARI not unless paid in advance for the services.

We hope this short guide was helpful, if interested to learn more about investing in Dubai's real estate market, feel free to get in touch with one of our real estate experts to get a free real estate consultation.

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